Squads Abroad is a 501c3 non-profit organization under our parent company Global Brigades, a Platinum Level Guidestar member for Financial Transparency. Since 2004, our organization has collectively mobilized more than 70,000 international volunteers to help resolve global health and economic disparities around the world.

The Program Associate (PA) role is a unique entry level experience and opportunity to get involved with an international development organization for a year-long period or more in Honduras or Panama. PAs are expected to commit to their role, and the volunteers they are supporting for a duration of at least 11 months. PAs play an important piece as an on-the-ground team member abroad working as a link between volunteers and local programming and operations teams. After a successful completion of 11 months in the Program Associate role, team members are eligible for additional opportunities within the organization that may support further volunteer growth, engagement, or monitoring and evaluation efforts.

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Job Overview:

The PROGRAM ASSOCIATE (PA) is responsible for the successful preparation of brigade groups to Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama. This role is designed to work as the link between volunteers and the in-country teams. PAs are based either in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (supporting Honduras or Guatemala brigade groups) or Panama City, Panama (supporting Panama or Ghana brigade groups). The PA role description tasks can be classified under two main categories: Brigade Preparation and Program Development.

Brigade Preparation

PAs take volunteers through the Brigade Planning Timeline, and provide necessary information to the in-country logistics teams to support the work in GB partner communities. This requires constant communication between all parties and updating internal supporting documentation.

Program Development

PAs are also responsible for working alongside local staff members to help ensure an optimal volunteer experience. To do this, each PA is assigned an area of emphasis to “champion”. This can be a specific program such as medical, or a supplemental content area such as education. The PA supports content creation for volunteer preparation and communicates programmatic changes.

The PA reports directly to their respective Program Associate Manager

Daily Tasks and Expectations (include but not limited to):

Brigade Preparation

  • Facilitate the brigade planning process and timeline for assigned brigade groups through email communication, calls with Google Hangouts, and being a general resource to volunteers
  • Support Chapter leaders in the brigade planning process including: Fundraising, Recruitment, Flight Booking, Logistics, and Preparation (Rosters, Education and pre-departure information)
  • Prepare and host informational calls and virtual presentations throughout each individual group brigade planning timeline
  • Monitor and manage all brigade fundraising initiatives using the Global Brigades MyBrigades system, working closely with the Accounting team, as needed
  • Educate and prepare volunteers for brigade experience
  • Prepare and host pre-departure webinars
  • Routinely communicate with leaders, volunteers, parents, faculty through email, phone, and video calling
  • Content development (Marketing Materials, Arrival Packets, Educational Charla Packets, etc.)
  • Visit all assigned groups in-country to facilitate a PA talk, receive feedback, discuss future leadership, and fundraising follow-up
  • Support emergency response involving sick/injured volunteers alongside qualified local staff
  • Support Chapter leaders in the post-brigade planning process including: Leadership Succession Planning, Year-Round Chapter Engagement, and Discussing Next Brigade
  • Collaborate with Chapter Advisors, Volunteer Engagement Associates, and in-country teams to plan, prepare, and coordinate yearly leadership institutes for incoming volunteer participants

Program Development

  • Support in-country program teams in program preparation, growth, and development as needed
  • Support Monitoring and Evaluation Associate in providing community and volunteer data and summaries from brigade visits
  • Support Marketing Manager in social media submissions (i.e. photos, brigade stories, etc)
  • Assist in training local brigade staff for preparation and on-brigade expectations (i.e. coordinator trainings, all-hands meetings)
  • Attend weekly team meetings to hear updates and collaborate on new initiatives
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 3.0 GPA or educational equivalent
  • Strong passion and ability to communicate Global Brigades’ holistic model
  • Experience working in a customer service or sales based setting a plus
  • Spanish language skills preferred


Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to present and disseminate information in a clear, concise, and educational way both written and orally
  • Strong public speaking skills in front of an audience (up to 100 individuals)
  • Strong English language skills, both written and oral
  • Ability to match the Global Brigades voice, message, and branding guidelines
  • Demonstrate empathy and advocacy
  • Able to spend extended periods of time seated while traveling to/from communities and lodging facilities, and participating on brigade in rural partner communities

Compensation & Logistics:

  • Staff member lives in program country and works in program office under local office expectations and hours
  • Monthly compensation
  • Lives in Global Brigades provided housing accommodation either shared apartment with coworker or other
  • Receives work computer (Chromebook) and cell phone plan
  • Emergency Travel Insurance provided
  • Eligible for health insurance subsidy up to $150/month (restrictions apply)
  • Flight to/from program country provided at beginning and end after completion of at least 11 months
  • Opportunity for Spanish lessons and other professional development activities

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“It’s really important to be a very organized person entering into the role of Program Associate, as you are responsible for a lot of deadline-driven information.”

– Kelsy, Former Sr. Program Associate

Squads Abroad is a 501c3 non-profit organization under our parent company Global Brigades, a Platinum Level Guidestar member for Financial Transparency. Since 2004, our organization has collectively mobilized more than 70,000 international volunteers to help resolve global health and economic disparities around the world.
Squads are passionate groups of volunteers who mobilize abroad to create positive change. Each Squad type has a skill-based focus area that support the education, health and economic development objectives of community partners. Faculty choose their dates, duration (typically 1-2 weeks), and their site location from one of our six program countries.